February 21, 2021 / October 26, 2020: If you play your cards right...
A blast from the past!!!! This is the first ever ever 15x puzzle that I made.
It's a collab with Evan, who got on a video call with me (actually it was a series of three video calls lol) and explained things like "this is how Crossfire functions" and "this is what a .dict file is" and "I promise promise that making a crossword puzzle isn't as intimidating as it seems."
We did the whole submit-waitfourmonths-rejection cycle with this puzzle, so now we can finally share it!
It's fascinating to look at a puzzle that I made back in October with more experienced eyes. There's some stuff I don't love (I actually refilled a corner, and made some clues a little indie-er) but also lots of stuff that I do love-- enough of it that I think it makes sense to post this here.
.puz file / pdf / solution