December 29, 2021: themeless 16
Today's puzzle is a collab with already-honorary-girlboss Rafa! I'm so thrilled that he allowed me to fill in the other half (two-fifths, really) of this grid... for a fun time, guess which side was his and which side was mine ;) I think this puzzle will be medium if you have the same brain that we do, and hard if you do not. Thanks to Kate for the test solve!
Rafa says: "Thrilled about my first collab with Malaika, and second Girlbossword! When she sent me a grid with 5d, I knew we were in business. I'm so happy with the overall great vibes in the clues (16a, 28a, 29d, and many more) and I hope you enjoy! While I'm here, let's appreciate Malaika's absolutely heroic effort to promote, organize, curate, write code for, test solve, deal with complaints about, edit, create merch for, do interviews about, answer DMs and emails about, maintain, etc, 7xwords for an entire year without pay. Truly iconic girlboss behavior, and we're so lucky to have her in the crossword community <3"
Malaika says: 🥺
(p.s. two clues have characters that do not render in the .puz / .pdf)
.puz file / pdf / solution