March 20, 2021: themeless 6
The first indie asymmetrical grid I saw was this one from Ryan, which is interesting because it is *almost* symmetrical but it's just a little off. Plus, (aside from the asymmetry) it resembles a standard crossword puzzle, with the fingers of black squares on the edges, and the diagonal chains going through the center. The result is a layout that made me feel kind of tilted-- like I was Coraline and my Other Mother handed me a crossword to solve. (The puzzle itself btw, is stellar.)
I wanted to go the complete opposite direction: a puzzle that's not even close to symmetrical, and doesn't resemble a standard themeless grid at all. The vibe is kind of, "toddler was playing with their blocks, and left them strewn across the carpet." I tried to make those blocky shapes occupy the space in a way that, paradoxically, feels balanced-- hope it hits the mark!
Many thanks to Matthew and Sally for test solving this one!
.puz file / pdf / solution