February 3, 2021: The Ideal Bartender
Hey all, the seed for today's puzzle is the author of one of the first books on bartending. My best friend Marcus is recreating all of the drinks in this book throughout 2021, and you can follow along with him on his Instagram. The drinks will be covered in his stories (like this), and the regular posts are stunningly beautiful pictures of other cocktails that Marcus makes. Seriously, I never thought an Irish coffee could look sexy but like... damn.
"The Ideal Bartender" was the first bartending book written by a Black author, and the second one wasn't written until a century later: "Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails," by Shannon Mustipher. I'm buying it, now that Dry January is over! You should do the same, but make sure you buy it from a local bookstore and not Amazon <3 I mean this from the bottom of my heart-- you're better than Amazon <3 <3
Many thanks to Jenna, Jesse, and Rebecca for test solving this one!
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