January 20, 2021: Mixed Chicks
This post is sponsored by my favorite conditioner!!
jkjk, 1) It is most certainly not sponsored, 2) I am a Cantu gal mostly. (Although if I respect your hair, I will try any conditioner you recommend me that is under $15.) Anyway, I was worried that people wouldn't understand that the title of this puzzle is a reference, so now I have gotten that out of the way.
I hope you enjoy this slightly-ridiculous theme. If you can think of any other potential theme answers for this puzzle, please let me know! I keep a list of them on my phone.
Final thing: If you are solving on paper, the circled box should be left blank. Solving software doesn't like blank boxes though, so if you are solving in the app or with AcrossLite, you'll have to put an E in that box.
.puz file / pdf / solution